The Messenger
for Networking

The tool to organize, build and utilize your network.
Bring together all your messages. Never miss anything important.
Label your network so you can quickly find anyone you need.

Find New Contacts Via TouchPoints

TouchPoints are signal flares to your network – about you and anything you need.
Reach out to contacts with similar interests. Create your own own touchpoints and see who is looking for someone like you, or help others find each other.

Organize your contacts

Sort out who’s who and navigate your network. Based on how often you communicate or your own custom tags, get quick access to your immediate circle or quickly find anyone, whenever you need to, based on geo-location, industry or your own pre-set parameters.

The All-In-One App

Chat, email, schedule and remind – no more switching between apps. Your all-in-one messenger and organizer is here.